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Second Career is an Ontario government program that helps laid-off workers train for a new career in a high-demand occupation in Ontario. Laid-off workers (including those individuals who have taken an interim job to make ends meet) may apply. If you were laid off any time after 1 January 2005, you are eligible to apply for Second Career.
Second Career provides up to $28,000 to support the cost of tuition, books, other instruction costs such as manual / workbooks, transportation costs and a basic living allowance. Additional funds may be available to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities, dependent care, costs of living away from home and academic upgrading.



What is Second Career?

The Second Career strategy launched by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities pays for the training or education that Ontarians require to get a better job. It provides financial help up to $28,000, or more in some cases, to pay for:
» Tuition
» Living Expenses
» Help caring for dependents
» Travel
» Transportation
» Disability supports
» Other living and training costs
» Books
Those who qualify may have some or all of these costs covered within the Second Career Strategy. In order to find out if you qualify for Second Career or any other government funding, all candidates must visit a Employment Ontario assessment centre for an assessment interview.

Is Second Career right for me?

You can apply to Second Career if you:
are laid off or have been laid off since January 2005
are unemployed or working an interim job
are choosing to retrain for a career that is in demand
Second Career provides help to laid-off workers in need who will benefit most from training to find work. Several factors are considered when figuring out who will receive funding. We will help applicants based on their:
Active job search
Length of unemployment
Education background
Work history
Labour market prospects
Training request
Experience and occupational skills

Things are looking up!

Open yourself up to new opportunities by getting trained for a new career! Check out all the ways in which Second Career can make your future something to smile about:
Funding for You: The Ontario Government set out to help people recently laid off by directing millions of dollars toward getting Ontarians retrained and back to work.
New Directions: Discover hundreds of potential careers that your background and skills fit perfectly. Second Career gives you a second chance!
New skills: Going back to college or university is empowering. Learn the tools of a new trade that can be applied to a thriving career in today’s workforce.
Career Guidance: Both public and private institutions offer excellent training for careers but how will you know what job is right for you? Browse our listings then visit a Second Career assessment center to figure out what job is right for you.
A Fresh Start: It’s not uncommon to switch careers nowadays. It gives us a chance to learn something new, try out a different field and stay excited about our work!
Support: Second Career is not a loan. It’s money that the Ontario government is giving away to people who have been negatively impacted by the economy. It’s there for you so take advantage!

Second Career is helping laid-off Ontarians succeed! It can help you, too.

• A 27-year-old mother was laid off in July from a telemarketing job that she’d held for six years in St. Catharines. Through Second Career she‘ll gain the skills she needs to become a recreation leader, and find work in a hospital, a seniors’ centre, or a rehabilitation clinic.
• A 45-year-old man was laid off from the job he’d held for four years as a general labourer at a company in London. He is now training, with support from Second Career, to become a welder. • A 31-year-old father of two was laid off from a job in the automotive industry. Second Career is now helping him complete a two-year culinary management program at a college in Peterborough.
• A 38-year-old woman was laid off after having worked as a salesperson in Barrie for almost a decade. Married, with three children in school, she found a part-time job in the dietary department of a nearby hospital. With help from Second Career, she is now studying to become a registered practical nurse. See your Employment Ontario counsellor and explore options that may be right for you.

Laid off? Take a seat and find out what’s next!

Second Career is an Ontario government program that helps you train for a new job.

Second Career provides financial support to help laid-off Ontarians participate in training for a new career. Counsellors at Employment Ontario assessment centres across the province can help you take the first step.

Who can apply?

Laid-off workers – including those who have taken an interim job to make ends meet.

How long do you have to be out of work to apply?

If you were laid-off any time after January 1, 2005, you’re eligible to apply for Second Career.

What kind of support is available?

Second Career provides up to $28,000 to support tuition,travel, books, and other training-related costs. Additional funds may be available for people with disabilities, and for people who need help to pay for academic upgrading, the costs of living away from home, or child care.

What will the Employment Ontario counsellor want to know?

Your assessment centre counsellor will want to know about:
• Your work history
• Your education and training
• Your skills
• Your interests
This will help you and your counsellor think about the kinds of careers that may be suitable for you.

Where can Second Career take you?

Second Career can help you train for a new career at a college or private career college anywhere in Ontario. There may be high-demand careers in areas such as:
• Natural and applied sciences and related areas
• Health care
• Dental health care
• Computer and information systems
• Construction, drafting,surveying and mapping
• Business, finance, and administration
• Food services and tourism
• Education and government services







An important part of our plan for Ontario’s economy is Second Career.
It helps laid-off workers make the transition to new careers in growing areas of the economy by offering training and related needs-based income support
-------Former Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty


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How can I learn more?
Call the toll-free Employment Ontario hotline
at 1-800-387-5656, or, for the hearing impaired,
Go online to visit the Ontario Second Career website.
Or visit a local Employment Ontario assessment centre.