Sep 2017, International Students Orientation

March, 2017 Winter 2017 Convocation Ceremony at Toronto City Hall

March, 2017 Holi Celebration

February, 2017, Winter17 International Students Welcome Party

February, 2017 On-Campus Job Fair and Library Day

January, 2017 Multicultural Celebration and Lunar New Year Event

January, 2017 International Student Orientation

November, 2016 Diwali Cultural Celebration

December, 2016 ECE Job Fair on Campus

October, 2016 Toronto City Tour

September, 2016 International Students Lunch Party

September, 2016 Moving Classroom to Niagara Falls

July, 2016 Pures International Students Multi-culture Day

July, 2016 Red Love Storm Event

June, 2016 I Love Canada Dancing Flash Mob at Brampton Garden Square

June, 2016 International Students Party

April, 2016 Northern College and Pures College Partnership Anniversary Celebration

April, 2016 Dancing Flash Mob at Albert Campbell Square

February, 2016 Chinese New Year Celebration

January, 2016 In House Pizza Party

November, 2015 Diwali Celebration

October, 2015 Early Childhood Education Students Visiting Variety Village