Business – Accounting

Program Description

Credential: 2-Year Diploma

Delivery: Full time

Program Length: 4 Semesters

The Business – Accounting option will give students the skills to handle a variety of accounting situations. As part of a management team, graduates will help gather, organize and analyze financial data, administer accounting systems, and advise on accounting problems. Courses in the first two semesters will introduce students to accounting principles. They will also take courses in marketing, human resources management, math, and business to provide themselves with a solid foundation for their chosen career. During the third and fourth semesters, new subjects are added and earlier subjects are expanded upon. Students will also practice accounting procedures using both manual and computerized accounting software programs. The Canadian Payroll Association and the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping recognize these Northern College courses.

Career Opportunities

Graduates will find employment in business and industry, accounting firms, non-profit organizations or government agencies often at rewarding levels of responsibility.

Start Date

January, May, September

Tuition Fees

From September 2021, the tuition is $16295/year including ancillary fees and medical insurance for international students.
Tuition fees as stated are subject to change for each academic year.


Semester 1
• AC1004 Accounting I• BU1073 Introduction to Business Management and Organizational Behaviour

• CM1903 Communications I – Model A

• GN1033 Health and Safety (PC)

• MA1004 Mathematics of Finance I

• IN1093 Computer Applications for Business and Technology

• MR1033 Introduction to Marketing I

• EV7003 Issues in Environmental Sustainability

Semester 2

• AC2004 Accounting II

• CM2903 Communications II – Model A

• IN2013 Computer Applications II

• MA2033 Mathematics of Finance II

• MR2014 Introduction to Marketing II

• BU1074 Principles of Human Resource Management

• IN2042 E-Business and Web Research

Semester 3

• AC3004 Accounting Applications

• AC3033 Accounting III

• BU3013 Macroeconomics

• IN4143 Database

• GN2133 Law and Ethics

• EL1103 General Education Elective I (PC)

Semester 4

• AC4004 Intermediate Accounting I

• AC4034 ManagementAccounting I

• AC4053 Financial Management I

• AC 6023 Taxation I

• BU 4013 Microeconomics

EL1103 General Education Elective