Business General – Business

Program Description

Credential: 2 – Year Diploma

Delivery: Full Time

Program Length: 4 Semesters

Program Description

Business students can choose a combination of courses to suit their interests and needs. They are able to select courses from other Business program options offered – Accounting, Marketing. In the business world, solid accounting skills combined with marketing strategy and creativity are in high demand. By selecting a combination of electives from the marketing and accounting areas, students can actually customize a management program to fit their interests and strengths.

Career Opportunities

Graduates will find employment in business and industry, accounting firms, non-profit organizations or government agencies often at rewarding levels of responsibility.

Tuition Fees

Sep 2017, Jan 2018, May 2018, the tuition is $14105/year. From Sep 2018, the tuition will be increased by $250 per year. The tuition fees include Medical Insurance and Ancillary Fees.


Semester 1

• AC1004 Accounting I

•BU1073 Introduction to Business Management and Organizational Behaviour

•CM1903 Communications I – Model A

•GN1033 Health and Safety (PC)

•IN1093 Computer Applications for Business and Technology

•MA1004 Mathematics of Finance I

•MR1033 Introduction to Marketing I

•EV7003 Issues in Environmental Sustainability (CK/KL/HL)

Semester 2

•AC2004 Accounting II

•CM2903 Communications II – Model A

•IN2013 Computer Applications II

•MA2033 Mathematics of Finance II

•MR2014 Introduction to Marketing II

•BU1074 Principles of Human Resource Management

•BU4013 Microeconomics

•IN2042 E-Business and Web Research (CK/KL/HL)

Semester 3

• BU3013 Macroeconomics

• IN4143 Database

• EL1113 Business Elective I

• EL1123 Business Elective II

• GN2133 Law and Ethics

• PH2103 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (CK/KL/HL)

• EL1103 General Education Elective I (PC)

Semester 4

• AC4053 Financial Management I

• BU6074 Management of Non Profit Organizations

• AC6023 Taxation I

• EL1113 Business Elective I