Pre-Health Sciences

Program Description

Credential Earned: Ontario College Certificate

Delivery: Full Time

Program Length: 2 Semesters

The Pre-Health Sciences program provides students with the opportunity to study subject areas relevant to health career programs at Northern College and affiliate partners and to instill an appreciation of the professional roles, responsibilities and academic requirements of health care disciplines. The goal of the program is to prepare men and women for their chosen health career program. Completing both semesters of this program successfully will provide the prerequisites for entry into the Healthcare Management programs.

Career Opportunities

Graduates may find employment opportunities in public and private agencies and institutions including family homes, community-based services, residential and custody settings.

Start Date

January, May, September

Tuition Fees

From September 2021, the tuition is $16485/year including ancillary fees and medical insurance for international students.
Tuition fees as stated are subject to change for each academic year.


Semester 1• CM1913 Communications I – Model B• PH1004 Human Biology I

• PH1014 Chemistry I

• PH1133 Mathematics for Health Sciences I

• PS1004 Introduction to Psychology

• PH2103 Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Semester 2• PH2004 Human Biology II• PH2024 Chemistry II

• PH2034 Physics

• PH2003 Mathematics for Health Sciences II

• SW2023 Conflict Resolution/Mediation