ERP Logistic Management

  • ID: 737

Major changes in processes and technology have led to a high demand for workers with modern supply chain skills. This program provides students with a solid grounding in supply chain issues. Students will also acquire general knowledge of how to use ERP software for material management.

  • 600 Lessons
  • Level Program Code: ELM
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ERP Database Administration

  • ID: 736

Students in this intensive Database Administration program will learn how to design and implement databases on Linux/UNIX and Windows platforms. All aspects about data administration will be covered, including Data Modeling, Data Mining, Business Intelligence and also Business/Technical Report writing. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in an…

  • 600 Lessons
  • Level Program Code: EDA
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Computerized Accounting

  • ID: 78

The Computerized Accounting program teaches students how computer technology and software is used in the accounting field, implementing automated data processing into traditional manual accounting system. Students will learn practical applications of accounting software and can work in companies as accountants as soon as they graduate.

  • 700 Lessons
  • Level Program Code: ACC
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Quality Assurance & Systems Testing

  • ID: 735

You will be introduced to the computerization of statistical process control functions such as histograms, control charts and data collection, using spreadsheets, word processing and other quality assurance related software to demonstrate how computers can be used to effectively manage a quality system.

  • 640 Lessons
  • Level Program Code: QAS
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