1. A Code of Conduct

Ontario public colleges and their partners will not engage in inappropriate or unethical recruitment practices that encourage or influence the movement of first-semester paid international students from a college to enrol in another educational institution. Examples of inappropriate or unethical recruitment practices include but are not limited to:

  • Posting messages on another college’s social media sites for the purpose of recruiting international students away from that college.
  • Providing financial incentives (e.g., scholarships, awards, commissions, employment, discounts) to students to withdraw within the first semester from College A to enrol in College B or its partner.
  • Paying international students a referral fee to encourage other international students to withdraw from College A to enrol in College B or its partner.
  • Entering college property without permission in order to recruit international students to a different college or its partner.


  • When the agents promote the college’s programs, shall present the accurate information but not promote the programs as pathway to immigration
  • Agents shall promote the college’s programs by using the promotional materials provided by the college such as brochures, flyers and pictures. The agents shall get approval from the college when they develop the marketing materials.
  • Review the student application documents carefully and prohibit the fraudulence. The college will report to IRCC when finds any fraud documents submitted through the agent.

Colleges are expected to investigate reports of inappropriate or unethical recruitment practices by their agents or partners and to take corrective action as required.

2. Agent Commissions

Colleges agree to ensure that contracts with agents and recruiters include clauses to the effect that commission payments will not be made to agents where the college has determined that they have engaged in inappropriate or unethical recruitment practices, particularly, but not limited to, encouraging first-semester transfers of international students.