Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Effective supply chain management is critical to the success of many companies that operate in international markets. Manufacturers, service providers, and suppliers must carefully manage their resources, operations, and transportation flows to meet the needs of customers.

Pures College offers a two-year, full-time Graduate program that prepares for careers in this rising global industry.

The program provides an intensive understanding of global supply chains. Students will learn from professionals in the field about sourcing, procurement, coordination, strategic management, materials management, and the delivery of goods and services, among other topics.

The program curriculum provides students with a combination of specialized supply-chain training and professional business-management studies. The curriculum addresses the core knowledge areas of supply-chain management at a professional practitioner level, and adds a term of supporting business-studies courses in related areas (finance and accounting, marketing, human resources and business management) to develop our graduates’ management skills.

  • 900 Hours
  • Level ISM
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Healthcare Administration

The proposed Leadership for Healthcare Administration Program is designed for students with experience in the health care field who are seeking to enhance their existing post-secondary credentials and looking to transition into administration roles in emerging Healthcare environments. Comprehension of patient needs, socio-cultural factors, behaviours and health services information are key focus areas of this program and will enable students to develop new skills in the areas of leadership, human resources management, conflict resolution, and strategic thinking.

  • Level HA
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Personal Support Worker

The NACC Personal Support Worker (PSW) program is based upon the Ontario Personal Support
Worker Training Standard released in January 2022. The NACC program content, standards and
guidelines, combined with the clinical component of the program, ensure that the graduates have the
knowledge and skills necessary to be successful as a Personal Support Worker.
The PSW program prepares graduates to provide supportive care to individuals, including clients
experiencing cognitive impairment, physical disability, and mental health challenges across their lifespan
by assisting them with their activities of daily living.
The NACC PSW program provides quality education and training for aspiring PSWs through
comprehensive theory classes and two practicum placements.

  • 900 Hours
  • Level PSW
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Information Systems Management

Today, virtually every type of business relies on Information Technology. More and more companies are challenged with how to make sense of vast amounts of data in order to improve their competitive position and growth. This has generated requirements for professionals savvy in both business and technology who understand how to turn insight into action. Computers, the Internet, wireless communications, databases are all forms of information technology which are used to collect, analyze, and share information. Information systems management examines how this technology can be used effectively in a constantly changing business environment. Critical skills will be developed in the following information technology areas: application software, business data analysis and modeling, customer engagement management, business processes, enterprise resource planning, and communications. A key part of this graduate program is the applied aspects of the curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to engage in the process of business analysis for information technology (IT) through case studies and industry projects. Graduates of this program could work as business analysts, information systems business analysts, management information systems analysts, etc. in large manufacturing companies, insurance companies, banks, or the public service sector. This program provides graduates with the knowledge and skills to develop and manage information systems to meet the strategic needs of any organization.

  • 900 Hours
  • Level ISM
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Event Management

Event planning is a unique field requiring a versatile skill-set and education, including elements of business, public relations, social media, technology, critical thinking, culinary knowledge, photography and problem-solving. Aside from being recognized in the field of hospitality and public relations, Event managers are better educated, more sophisticated in terms of the fundamental management skills, and more versatile. Students will learn to develop, co-ordinate and manage a broad range of events, sites and facilities.

This Event Management program will provide students with transferable, practical knowledge and skills in management practices such as planning design, marketing, human resource and volunteer management, sponsorship, catering management, budgeting, risk management and program evaluation.

  • 900 Hours
  • Level EM
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Business Administration – Sales & Marketing

By connecting businesses and consumers into a single global market, the Internet has become a powerful marketing tool. Business Administration – Sales & Marketing program is angled towards E-commerce and is designed to equip students with an array of high-tech marketing skills. They will learn how to sell ideas and services in the web environment, use web resources, prospect and generate sales through the Internet, develop Internet marketing plans and apply a wide variety of Internet marketing tools. The first year of this program will provide students with a solid and essential foundation in business. In the second year, they will be immersed in the world of marketing and E-commerce.

  • 1400 Hours
  • Level BASM
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ERP Logistic Management

Effective logistics strategies are the driving force behind a company’s success. As industry leaders move their firms into the global marketplace, employers are seeking talent with the proper mix of supply chain management and logistics knowledge, to allow for competition on a national and global scale.

  • 600 Hours
  • Program Code: ELM
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ERP Database Administration

The DAP program will teach you how to design and implement databases on Linux/UNIX and Windows platforms. You’ll learn all aspects about data administration which including Data Modeling, Data Mining, Business Intelligence and also Business/Technical Report writing. There’s also a chance to participate in a real ERP Data Administration Project.

  • 600 Hours
  • Program Code: EDA
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Computerized Accounting

The Computerized Accounting program teaches students how computer technology and software is used in the accounting field, implementing automated data processing into traditional manual accounting system. Students will learn practical applications of accounting software and can work in companies as accountants as soon as they graduate.

  • 700 Hours
  • Program Code: ACC
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Quality Assurance & Systems Testing Technicians

You will be introduced to the computerization of statistical process control functions such as histograms, control charts and data collection, using spreadsheets, word processing and other quality assurance related software to demonstrate how computers can be used to effectively manage a quality system.

  • 640 Hours
  • Program Code: QAS
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