What You Need to Know About Study and Work Permits

Study Permit

International students will need a permit to study in Canada if their course of study is longer than six months. Before you submit a study permit application you will need:

  • A letter of acceptance from Pures
  • Financial proof that you can support yourself while studying at Pures (tuition fees and living expenses)
  • To be willing to submit to a medical exam if required
  • For more details on Study Permits, please visit the following links:

  • Study Permits
  • Application to Study in Canada
  • Documents Needed to for a Study Permit
  • Canadian Visa Office Abroad
  • Important: To apply for a study permit on or after June 1, 2014, you will need a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution. You need to include Pures Designated Learning Institution number (DLI #O19305393392) on your application form.

    Work Permit

    It is possible to work in Canada while you are here as a student. International students may qualify to work off campus up to 20 hours per week without a work permit. To qualify, you must:

  • hold a study permit
  • be a full-time student
  • be enrolled at a designated learning institution; and
  • be pursuing academic, vocational or professional training of six months or more that leads to a degree, diploma or certificate.
  • Click here for more information.