Addictions Counsellor

Program Description

Credential Earned: Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Delivery: Full Time

Program Length: 2 Semesters

Addictions Counsellor program prepares students to work with people who are experiencing stressful events in their lives from an individual, family and community perspective. The program provides the learners with innovative and rigorous addiction specific content. Opportunities for hands-on practical experience will be made available during the Addiction Treatment Approaches Practice Lab and the Fieldwork Placement component of the program. It is an Ontario graduate certificate program which necessitates that students must have completed a prior post-secondary program in Social Sciences, Health Sciences or Human Services.

Career Opportunities:

There are a range of job opportunities for graduates in the Addictions Counsellor program. Upon graduation, students may find employment in service agencies, health care facilities, residential programs or penal institutions. Addictions counselors are commonly employed by government agencies (e.g. Ministry of Community and Social Services), and social service agencies (e.g. child and family services, mental health associations, municipal social assistance offices, etc.)

Start Date

January, May, September

Tuition Fees

From September 2021, the tuition is $16485/year including ancillary fees and medical insurance for international students.
Tuition fees as stated are subject to change for each academic year.


Semester 1• AA1083 Introduction to Research• CM1703 Essay and Report Writing

• DA1043 Theoretical Perspectives on Addiction Treatment

• DA1053 Issues and Tools in Substance Use, Screening, Assessment and Case Management

• SW3003 Group Processes

• SW3023 Interviewing Skills I


Semester 2• AA2041 Community Service Learning• DA1023 Concurrent Disorders

• DA2001 FWP for Addictions Counsellor Program

• DA2011 Addictions Seminar

• DA2033 Treatment Approaches in Addiction

• DA2043 Addiction Treatment with Diverse Populations

• DA2063 Addiction Treatment Approaches Practice lab

• SW2033 Crisis Intervention